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Home Staging Myths

Home Staging Myths

Thinking of selling your home soon?   Chances are you may be considering engaging a home stager but you are not clear about it or how it works.   Don’t let these misconceptions prevent you from presenting your home at its best and getting the best offer out there!

Demystifying the Myths:

Home staging is expensive.
Home Staging is an investment in promotion, not an expense.   Home Staging services can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a consultation up to several thousand dollars to fully furnish a large or upmarket home.  In every case, the investment is much less than a price reduction that can be anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.  Based on statistics a property that is NOT staged stays on the market much longer – which can be a long time considering all the costs and stress associated with holding the property.

It is only for vacant homes.
While vacant homes need to be fully staged to present a life style as very few people can visualise how an empty property would look furnished or the best use of space, occupied homes also need some help with the presentation whether it is a consultation to prepare the home for the sale or a partial stage where the home owners want to stay.  These owners already have furniture, but need help & advice on what stays, what goes and with a proper layout of furniture and the addition of art, rugs, bedlinen, bedsides, lamps & cushions the house can be pulled together and presented as a much better version of itself.

So there are many aspects of ‘Home Staging’ not only for Vacant Homes

It can be done with the ‘Click of the Fingers’
Oh how I wish it was done with the click of the fingers!!! To stage a home either fully or a partial takes quite a few hours of preparation, planning and packing even before the furniture is placed, beds are made, décor and soft furnishings arranged and the art work hung.  Then also there is the de-staging after the property is sold – on an average to stage a 3 bedroom standard house could take anywhere from 10-12 hours work, from start to finish.

It’s just Interior Design & Decorating
The objectives are quite opposite from Interior Design to Home Staging.   Interior Design and Decorating is personalising a home to reflect the personality of the home owner, whereas Home Staging is all about de-personalising and neutralising a home – the objective is to have potential buyers walk in and envision the property as their future home.

It is just a Fad
The home staging industry is fairly new in Australia compared to the US, Canada & UK, however there is no doubt it is here to stay and is considered a must instead of a maybe.   With our busy work commitments and the stress of daily chores looking for a new home can be overwhelming for most buyers.   When homes are prepared for sale with ‘home staging’ buyers can immediately see the lifestyle the home presents and mentally move in.    It takes out the stress for the sellers, and makes it easy for the buyers.   That is why ‘Home Staging’ is here to stay.

05 December, 2018